going back in time and just one day till Mother's day!

May 09, 2009

I didn't have time to make anything new in this last days as we have Mother's day this weekend. The flower stores are getting little bit crazy and we are getting little bit busy:) Which is good but than I am way too tired to do anything creative when I get home. I have enough creativity at the stores but not time for pictures there, sorry.
It might be little bit weird to put together Mother's day and graduation but I was just going through my pics and bumped into the pic of a card I made years ago for one of my best friends. It was for her graduation and as I wasn't able to be at her graduation ceremony I wanted to make her special surprise. I think now is a good time to present it to the world, he-he.

I had two versions to decide for. Well, it wasn't that much difference between those two - just a different stamp style on the cover. I was choosing between little sun stamp and watch print. I believe the 2 watches won or maybe it was the little suns? Jesus, I forgot:) Maybe, my best friend Ivana would remember...
The writing on the top are quotes that I though would be inspirational for my friend who takes a new direction:) The little wrapped package was hiding a silver card holder with engraving (I remember that!) and the stencil on the green tag (I.M) made by hand are her initials. I wonder if she uses it at all?!?!

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