May 27, 2009

Hortensia or hydrangea is a beautiful flowering plant common in southern and eastern Asia and North and South America. They grow in flower-heads at the ends of the stems and...ok, ok...enough of wikipedia:))

I was drying out plants, again. I guess I like to torture living organisms, I apologize:) I have even pressed couple blossoms for my card creations, looks awesome, these flowers.
Pressing flowers is really easy and takes no-time. The key is the flower preparation. For the best results you need to make sure that the flowers you pick are fresh and start to press when there is no moisture in them. I usually press flowers in books. Just put the plants between 2 sheets of paper (good is a blotting paper to absorb the moisture) to protect the book as well as the plants, than just weight the book with another one, and voala in couple days you have nice 'fresh' pressed flowers.

Enjoy your creative day! I sure will enjoy mine:)

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