butterflies in the tummy.

May 14, 2009

Well, in this case they are just on the paper:). There is no special reason why I made this card. I just had to play with my butterfly punch and was in the mood for something simple - like flying butterfly card.

This card is really easy to make. The materials and tools I used was just 2 different layers of paper (green silk paper and green/silver striped paper), white card-stock for the base, a little piece of cream transparent paper for butterflies, paper glue, paper-cutter, and butterfly punch.

To make a 3d butterfly: use a butterfly punch to cut out 2 pieces, glue 1st piece to the paper, take the 2nd piece and bend both wings, put a little bit paper glue on the middle part (the body of the butterfly) and attach it to the middle body of the 1st piece. Arrange the wanted position of the wings and the flying insect is ready! Have a great weekend:)

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