flower design.

May 04, 2009

I wanted to show you more of the flower creations that we make for our stores. I took them outside to take a picture as there wasn't good light inside, so the back ground is not that great.
Here are some Calia flowers with Hortensia as the base (all artificial or dry flowers).
We got some of this cute little pots covered in tree skin. They are just great for decorating a table, maybe at a wedding.
I just love sunflowers! It is such a happy flower. Here it's used an artificial one with dry out tropical Proteas (red flowers in the back on the right). If they don't get sold in the store, we dry them out. They look pretty good in a dry condition. Don't you think so?
and I also took a picture of one of our stores. You can see only part of it and it's also in weird colors (I tried one of the color effects I have on my camera). Looks interesting.
Hope you enjoyed our creations.

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