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May 12, 2009

My wedding invitations for my friend are in progress. Well let's say in somewhat progress:) We narrowed it to two designs and this week Romana will choose which one she is going with. And than, we will have even more work - choosing the font, the text she wants to have and than making 70 copies of the invitations. I can't wait!!!:)

I made additional wedding designs just because I was in mood to do more stuff. I definitely don't want to make it easy for my friend. The text on each invitation is embossed with a transparent powder. It gives the card definitely a nice touch. It looks much better than a plane text on the paper.

I was planning to buy embossing powders and heating tool for quite long time and finally I got it all. Now, I'm like a child playing with a new toy. I'm basically embossing everything and I'm loving it! I guess I can call my self officially addicted now:) But, I should probably relax as I already spilled the powder  all over my floor twice, and I will eventually burn the house with the heating tool. Just saying.
Orange squares and little bit of sewing, text in the middle.
Different setting of the squares plus not sewing just dots, text on the side.
Here is the 3D text on a transparent paper, white background paper stamped with a floral design,and wrapped with a silver tread with a beat in the middle.
On this one I used one of the satin ribbons I just bought recently. Igot seven different colors and they are just wonderful. I also used Fiskars punch for the corners on the white background paper. I think I like the text in the middle more than on the side. It looks more balanced:)

So, this is all from me for today. It's almost midnight here and I am ready to jump into the bed. Have a great day... or night!

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