ecology in focus.

May 20, 2009

I am in a photo-contest, again! Bayer Company in Slovakia is organizing another competition with the title - 'Ekologia v objective' or 'Ecology in focus' to be exact. The theme for this year is 'Climate Changes'. Here are the pictures I picked. Hope you like them and people in the jury as well.
-new era of lighters -
-whole world in my hands-
-the view from my window-
-the intruder-
-the other side of glass-

-the pool games-
-human evolution/the superman syndrome-

These two projects are combination of two different pictures from two different environments. The natural and the one with human touch.

-new forest-
-the plastic flower-
I like to be little bit dramatic when I name my pictures. It is not the picture taking but finding the right name for it is always difficult for me. I don't plan what I take picture of, I just take it instinctively - what I like or catches my eyes. I love taking pictures of animals and I really enjoy taking pics in big aquariums. I am always amazed by color-changing water and how the thin glass can hold anything together. I wonder how big are my chances picking my picture as I won one of the prices in the first competition the company had in 2006 with the photo below...
 -where would we be without plastic-

Will see how it ends up:)

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