smell the roses.

May 16, 2009

A fabric bag filled with spices and flower petals is a delightful idea for rooms or wardrobes.The bag will emit a faint but pleasant aroma each time the door is open. Great smelling bag stuffed with awesome ingredients can be also a great gift. So, I made couple good smelling packages for our new flower store. We are trying to make it special and we look for great and special looking products that not everybody has:) You want to know how to make them at home? It is really easy...follow me:)

Choose fabric that is either extremely fine or transparent like organza, chiffon, and fine silk or open weave linen or muslin that allow the spices and flowers to breathe through it.

I bought these white organza bags (usually used for wedding favors) in Micheals last year and I had them lying around in my room for quite a time. It was time to make them useful:) Last Christmas, I even hand-sewed couple bags out of red colored organza but I think it is easier just to buy them; less stressful and also much cheaper:)

Now to stuffing material. I use different ingredients like orange peels, lavender, rose petals, cinnamon sticks, and star anise. I got the two spices from the florist wholesale. They sell it in big bags for decoration purpose only and is also cheaper than regular spices for consuming. The lavender is from our garden, rose petals from roses in our store, and orange peels are from regular oranges that you get in a grocery store.

How to dry orange peels, lavender, and rose petals:
In the case of orange, obviously, you have to peel the orange:) Then, if you want to you can scrape off excess pith using a serrated spoon but this is usually made only if the peel is used for consuming purpose. Next, I just cut the fresh orange peel in little strips and air dry. Or if you're in a rush, bake in an oven at 150 degrees until the rind is dry.
Here are couple tips for drying rose petals and lavender. (Sorry, too lazy to write it in my own words)

So, forget stress, make some sachets, and smell the roses! Enjoy your day:)

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