camp as an inspiration.

May 26, 2009

I would like to show you a card that I made years ago. I created it while I was spending summer in a family resort in the US. I was on a student-program that gave us the possibility to work in the States during the summer brake. The family camp is right on the Squam lake in NH and is the most wonderful place on earth. This is the place where Darren and I met, 8 years ago:). Wow, is it that long!?!?! I spent 7 summer seasons in this place and it was worth every second. Hopefully, I will make it there for visit this summer too. I always miss the good old camp and all my friends I found there:)

This card was one of my first creations. It was made for my grandmother's birthday and as I was lacking proper material I used everything what was available, like leaves from the trees next to the dorm I lived in, hehe.

Let me know what you think of the place. Have a great week!
I have to take care of the stuff now in our garden that shouldn't get wet. A big storm is heading our way. I love big storms with thunders and lightnings. It's gonna be fun!:)

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