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June 01, 2009

This last weekend was really busy for me and I'll show you what a big project I was working on:) We were moving our old store into new area. The new store is so awesome and we have so much more space now to enjoy. Moving from about 30 square meters into 80 square meters makes a real difference:) We really enjoyed it. The luck was that the new store is on the other side of the street, the same street the old store was. So, we were stopping the traffic with carrying furniture through the main road to the other side. The working team including my mom, her business partner (the only guy in the group), 2 of her friends, 2 of our workers, and me spent the whole weekend with moving, unpacking, pricing, cleaning, building furniture, and I don't know what else. Me and my mom came home at midnight yesterday. So you can imagine how much work we did. The window display looks beautiful now. I have only couple pictures but I will definitely make more later...

Don't you love this tree!!! My mom's friends brought it over in their car. It was pretty much sticking out of the car drawing attention the whole drive and 5 people had to carry it inside. It's just looking so cool in the window.

...I just was to exhausted to take more pictures later in the night and there is still some work that need to be done. I am planning to make more pics when it will be completely done. There are just some things to be finished, like hang some pics or some flower decoration on the wall and fix the big table with the cash register because it is to low, hang some hangers, and so on. Just 'little' details, you know:)

One side of the store and one of the huge windows:)...

...the same side of the store just closer look on one of the many corners...

...and the other side, everything still in progress... mom and her friends deciding where to put more stuff (we definitely had too much stuff to find a spot for)...

Hope you enjoyed my pictures:) Have a great Monday!

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