simple card not that simple.

June 11, 2009

I was trying to make a simple birthday cards. Simple wasn't that simple. It was harder than I thought:) I tried the sewing effect again. I really like to sew my cards but I definitely need to buy a new machine! To save my nerves at least or maybe I just need to be more patient... no, no.. I definitely need a new sewing tool:) Let's say that I just want a new model to feel better:) I have two versions of this card, one with a red heart (fancy!)) and the other with a white dove (little bit complicated to stuff it into envelope). I think I like the idea with the heart better, definitely more practical:)

This one has more sewing on it. Looks little bit chaotic:) I put letter beats on it presenting 'Happy Birthday' in initials.
That's all form me for today:) Have a great Friday... weekend is almost here!!!

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