very quick.

June 08, 2009

I am in hurry as usually:) Today, I turned our basement up side down looking for wedding bouquet holders and I guess I was lucky. You don't know how do they look? Well, I took a pic just for you to check it out for yourself and admire this sheek design. Who uses still these things today? First of all they are ugly, plastic, and so unpractical, and they were in our basement for years. But, they want it and we want to give our customers what they want! So, here you go! Take this! Awwwww, soooo uuuugly! I am sorry, I'm just too emotional about it:)

Let's move to something more creative. I made these two cards for 2 members of my family who were celebrating Birthday and Name day in the same day and we made a little party for them. My grandpa was celebrating his name day (his name is Ferdinand and I always have to laugh just because we have this cute cartoon about the ant Ferdinand) and my uncle (Frantisek, another interesting name in the family) was celebrating his 50th Birthday!!!

I am not really happy with this card for my grandpa. It still misses something:( Maybe more beer embellishments, hehe. But, he was happy:) You know men, they don't really care about the cards:)

This one came out decent. I like the simple layout. But, when I think about it, it doesn't look like a card for a guy at all:) Oh well... I have to live with it, I guess...
Have a great week!

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