well, hello weekend

June 20, 2009

This is how I spent my days. I didn't have time to make anything creative these last days...well, if I'm not counting the pictures of frogs I took...again:) But, I mean anything out of paper or beats or fabric or...you know what I mean:). So, at least I'll show you in pictures how I spend my days.

I told you I love frogs, right? Just checking:) I found two this time and we had fun together taking pictures. They were probably more happy when I let them go though.

I was really excited because I got these wonderful markers for illustrations. They are not Copics but from Faber-Castell. Copics are really hard to get in Slovakia and the same with these but I got lucky and found them in a catalog of the company that distributes the brand here in Slovakia. And they are awesome!!! Now, I am stamping and coloring everything:)

I love cherries!!! Can anything be better than cherries? Yes, sitting on the branch and eating them right of the tree:)))

I had a a lot of work with cleaning our garden and that means I had to work on our pond too. The water lilies are in full bloom and the fishies are getting more hungry every year.
My program was also filled with brushing my dog. It is adventure I can tell you that. Every time, he looses his winter fur he is shedding like a sheep. You could probably knit couple sweaters out of his dog-wool:)) Hmmm...maybe next craft project?:)

There is still a lot of work in our garden. I worked little bit on the rosebush that is getting too big and I put the cut roses into a vase and now, I can enjoying them inside as well. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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