a ladybug heart card.

March 03, 2010

Another great day is behind us! Even though, it was sunny and warmer than usual, I came home totally frozen. And, the reason? I was waiting in the line at the vet station. We have a great one here in my town and because his waiting room is too small for all the dogs they usually come, couple of us had to wait outside in the cold. I wouldn't mind but sometimes it is 2 hours we have to stand outside because the doctor likes to 'communicate' with the animal and explain all the procedures in details showing probably each dog owner pictures in his books. Well, at least he does that every time I am in with my dogs:) This time it was 'only' 1,5 hour. So, i guess i was lucky today, hehe. Now, I am covered from head to toes with my fleece blanket and sipping hot tea! Feels soooo good!!!
This card has similar features like someone special heart card I wrote about in February. I used one of the 20 ceramic clay hearts I made and just I added a little wooden ladybug to it while the gloss was drying out. The red card is also the same - from Shizen Design that is 100% recycled. I picked a different punch this time that makes a double hole for the ribbon. The inside of the card is covered with sheer paper again for easier writing as the embossing is also inside of the card. And, we are done!

xoxo Lucia

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