one of the romantic ones.

February 28, 2010

This is one of the sweet cards with a lot of flowers and pinkish colors. As a child I was into having everything in pink a lot - my barbie accessories, my clothes, and even my furniture had to be in pink tones. Pink toys - sure - every girl has at least one, pink furniture - why not but clothes in different shades of pink - not good! Well, at least not for me as my head was crowned with long bright RED hair! Now, my hair decided wisely to be couple tones darker and thankfully my color taste changed too. Green is my color choice now! Maybe, I'm not a big fan of pink stuff anymore but sometimes it's the right color choice for babies and Valentines day. So, I decided to combined little Lucy's color memory with the color of grown up Lucy:) Pink meets green! You two just look wonderful together, hehe.

Rose and the felt heart is from curel where we shop for flowers a lot and other necessary thinks for life like cute colored bunnies made of wood or satin ribbon of every possible color. You know all that important stuff we need to survive and fill our crafty heart:) The ribbon is my favorite (my favorite color as well) and from making-memories. Paper is from 'I don't know the source anymore as I throw away the cover' company. The only thing I remember is that it was from a set of small square papers, oh well:) I used decorative scissors to cut the paper edge and the green blank card is from Paper-Source. Little bit of adhesive and voala! Surprisingly, I didn't use the corner punch this time! I must forget it or was to tired to look for it in my mess:)

Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you next!

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