decoupage heart.

February 20, 2010

I used decoupage technique on this project. I found very cute paper napkins in Retif with different heart motives just made for Valentines day. I decides to use it for a decoupage project rather than to use it for table setting. They are just to pretty to be used on your mouth:)

I used a scrap yellow cardstock as a base for the cut out motive of the red heart I picked. I applied a little bit of paper glue with a brush on the piece of the cardstock and stick the heart picture to it. I added a generous layer of paper glue onto the decoupaging item and used the brush to push out any wrinkles and excess glue. Red dotted paper is from Paper-Source as well as the green blank card. I used my Fiscars embossing tools for the frame around the red paper and decoupage heart. I also stamped the edges with clear stamp ink, sprinkled it with white embossing powder, and melt it with a heat gun. Little paper rose is a cherry on the top and using corner punch is a must:)
So, Happy belated Valentine's day!

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