purple it is!

February 04, 2010

Don't you love the days when you do a lot of work and you feel that all that effort was worth? Well, I had one of those days today:) I did a lot today, and I created a lot today. The only thing that did not work out for me was that I run out of the day light and I didn't manage to take pictures of my hard work. I would try to take couple now but I rather prefer natural light. And, let's be real - I'm not that great on taking pictures by artificial light either. Let's wait till to tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day as well. Instead, I will show you one of the Christmas arrangement that was made for one of our stores. They say purple was the color of the season. So, purple it is! And, the candles as well. This is really simple decoration for the table or even you can find a perfect spot for it on your mantel piece as the ceramic pot is not that wide. Maybe I will make a tutorial about this creation as well but let's wait rather for the next Christmas, hehe.

By the way, the ballet was awesome!!! It was adventure to watch it yesterday. It had the promised rain, snow, and even an ocean reaching into the audience. I post you here a little trailer for the show that I found on the Theater's page. They talk in Slovak but the rest is readable through the pictures:) What is said in the short movie is basically the plot - that shows a life journey of a human, his desires, and failures expressed by dancing, singing, and playing. Everybody has it's own Everest!

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