February 16, 2010

I am back! The last week was a little bit busy for us at the flower stores as we had Valentine's day on Sunday. But now, I hope I 'll found little bit more time for more important things like paying attention to my virtual crafty corner and write about all the staff I did the previous week. Good news is that I show you my last Christmas card last week that I did in December and I will no more annoy u with little felt trees or plastic stars:) How great is that??? This topic switching might also help to push the cold-cold winter away, well at least in my mind. It's feeling like it goes forever and I can't wait for spring to come and feel the warm breeze on my cheeks again, wearing only light sweater and putting away all those winter boots into the closet. I can't wait!
Right now, I am trying to take better pictures. And, I have a big help. Something is different & I hope it's also visible, visible on my pictures. YES, I have a new camera!!! The picture above was taken by my old camera to show you my new baby. It was a total surprise from Darren on Christmas. And what a surprise it was, I didn't expect it at all. I have now a new toy to play with & hopefully my old camera won't be too jealous. But, I am afraid she will be & she has a good reason. Look at this body! The only thing or actually couple things I need is a new lens, extra battery pack, and external flash, and... definitely more stuff I can't think of at this moment:) Right now I am using my old good lenses and enjoying 20 more buttons on my new camera, which I have to look up in the manual eventually. I am little bit like Alice in Wonderland as I am finding new functions on my new friend every day. I hate manuals but I have to read it this time carefully as this camera is 'little bit' more complicated:). But, I am definitely in love!!! Big, big love! You know, all that hugging and kisses this camera deserves you dont' even know:) I am getting little bit crazy but for a good reason:)
Have a great week and expect better pictures... hopefully!

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