someone special heart.

February 18, 2010

My first Valentines card, one of many as I made couple for our flower stores. The white heart is out of air-drying ceramic clay and I actually made like 20 of them:) I used metal cutter for baking to cut out the heart shapes. Before I left it in the air to dry, I punched two holes with a plastic straw for the ribbon from Retif. Originally, the clay was ugly brown and I rather painted it with white acrylic paint and used a water based varnish for finishing touches. The gloss gave the heart a sparkle. The 'someone special' banner is from a card kit that was a gift in a British 'Card making' magazine. I used little metal brads to make a little sign out of it. The red card is from Shizen Design in US imported from India. The paper is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and each card is embossed with flowers and branches. I love the embossing and the fact that the paper is recycled! I also had the opportunity to use my hole punch making two holes for the ribbon.The inside of the card is covered with sheer paper for easier writing as the embossing is also inside of the card.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine will be a working one:) Going to shop in Retif!!!

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