more decoupage effect.

March 16, 2010

Here is another project that I did for Valentine's day. The material used here is close to minimum. Just different papers, a piece of foam tape, little bit glue, and a little plastic heart is all you need. Like in decoupage heart project I used a scrap cardstock of different colors as a base for the heart motives cut out from retif paper napkins. I applied a little bit of paper glue with a brush on the piece of the cardstock and stick the heart picture to it. I added a generous layer of paper glue onto the decoupaging item and used the brush to smooth out the wrinkles a little bit and push out the excess glue. I added 4 little foam tape squares to each decoupaged square and added it to the blank green card from Paper-Source. The red clear plastic heart from curel is the finishing touch.

Have a great start tomorrow!

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