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March 29, 2010

Now, this was a very special project for me! This card was made for baby Mathew and her mom who was my classmate at my college. It is our first baby from the school friends circle and we are very proud and happy about our first addition:) We had a little baby party in February and I made this card and also my first diaper cake ever as a present for the mom and the baby. I though it will be hard but it was fun to make it together with my friends helping out:) I got only one pic of the diaper cake from one of my friends as I forgot my camera (can you believe that!) and the cake is 'little' bit crooked on this picture from carrying it around. So, I am not really happy how I am showing you my creation:( Well, next time it will be better and I won't forget my camera (I promise!). And, I even might show you how to make your own baby diaper cake!
The material used for the card project I picked a green blank card from Paper-Source. The background paper on is designed by Jen Wilson and it's called 'my minds eye' (you could see it on my previous projects). I used Fiscars corner punch on both - the paper and the blank card. I used another Fiskars punch to cut out a circle out from one of 'The Eco Stack' papers in blue from DCWV. I found a little plastic elephant in my stack just perfectly fitting to the cut out circle. I got it at Michaels as well as the ribbons telling sweet stuff about babies like 'the little things in life'. So cute! The final product used on the card was the beautiful satin ribbon from Martha Stewart that I like! A lot! Well, there is not a product from her that I dislike:)

And, that's all from me... enjoy your day!

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