urban style.

March 04, 2010

I have a new hobby! I'm addicted to picking new outfits at polyvore & I decide to blog about my style once a while, maybe even on regular basis. Who knows:) It's definitely fun to pick stuff you like & get some inspiring tips from outfits posted. I fell in love with all this stuff that I put together into one outfit. The orange-red Miu-miu together with black jeans from Gargyle are a match. Combine them with a pair of cute gray boots from Tilly's and it's a winner! Knit Cardigan from HM will keep you warm and ModCloth pearl necklace add some spark as I can't go without a piece of jewelery. The jacket from Oli in white is adorable and I added a little bit of color with orange leather shoulder bag from Saks and a pair of leather gloves matching the purse. And the cherry on the top is a gray shield hat from Tactics and we are ready to hit the city!urban style.

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