here am I again.

March 13, 2010

Finally, I made it. It took me 26 hours to get to Denver, CO but I survived:) Quite a trip it was... first driving to Vienna airport from my town in Slovakia, making a stop in Warsaw in Poland to switch the plane to get to JFK in NY City, and last to catch a domestic flight to Denver that was delayed of course. But, now I am happy to be here and not sitting in the plane for hours. This apartment building is our home for now while Darren is finishing his next fund-raising campaign. Nice view isn't it? We got a pool but I guess it is too cold to use it right now (sad face). At least there is a hot tub... Yippie!!! And, if you walk to the main road there is a nice view on the Colorado mountains (I will show you a pic later) still with snow on the tops. Just awesome:) See you later!

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