happy Easter!

March 31, 2010

I'm going away for couple days and I wanted to wish you Happy Easter in advance and show you one of the idea for table decoration. This is the way how redress old Easter decoration like these chicken nests. Basically, we just need to add couple decorative wooden sticks (5 if I have to be specific) that are glued to the nest with a hot glue gun and tied on the top with a twine adding more glue to secure it. You can get the sticks in flower store or craft store. To cover the glue and the twine on the top use some decorative straw ribbons. Couple rattan balls and green feathers here and there secured with more hot glue and we are good to go! I probably won't have time to blog in next couple days but no worries, I'll be back in no time. Mr. D and I planed a trip to San Francisco and  a hike at the Yosemite National Park. I'm so trilled about going to West Coast for the first time and I just can't wait to put my camera at use. The streets of San Francisco here I come! Wish us luck and I will let you know how all worked out later this week. Enjoy the holiday!

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