happy butterfly birthday to you.

March 30, 2010

I messed up one of my cards. I made two identical cards with different shades of the green base card. I used 3 paper butterflies from a free craft set in a British 'Card making' magazine, my Martha's punch to cut out cute postage stamps out of the pink paper from Martha Stewart as well, and a blank green card from Paper-Source. I had to make the base card smaller in order to fit it into the square envelopes I had and I cut the wrong side - the top connecting part. So, I had to be more inventive and fix the trouble. I had two pieces that had to be put back together some how. And, here it comes! I used a little metal brad to reunite both parts. Now, it is a sliding card and I love the design even more. I stamped the inside with one of the Martha's stamps for easier text writing. I decided to give it as a birthday card to one of my friends and added a line from the rub-ons. She loved it!:)

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