pumpkin season.

October 07, 2008

It is October and that means... Pumpkiiiiin carviiiiing!!! And because, we live in a house for now, I can put couple self-carved pumpkins with tea candles in it out of the front door. Scaaaary!!!I love to carve pumpkins. What can be better to do in fall?! Carving pumpkins is the priority, before apple picking, corn-mazes, and collecting autumn leaves. It is a dirty job and I hate to get all the guts out but even they can be useful. All the salty baked pumpkin seeds and the smell of roasted pumpkin pieces, hmmm... yummy!!! I love to carve different creatures like mice for example to make it more interesting:)). So, you can guess, which piece is mine and which belongs to Darren. He's so proud of it and keeps on nagging me how better his pumpkin is than mine:))) See for yourself...

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