crazy about circles.

October 31, 2008

How do u feel about circles? I love to burn them, ha-ha. I was trying a little experiment with newspaper and a candle. I cut out little circles from old newspapers burning the edge with a candle. I really like the effect afterwords. Obviously, the kitchen smelled like fire but I guess I can live with that. At least I didn't burn anything! I also was playing with the tread and sewed little pink flowers into the paper on couple branches of stamped trees. I also used little glass beats for the center of each flower as a finishing touch. It was a tough job I can tell you and I was ready to toss it in the trash couple times. But, I believe I just need to be more patient next time because I kinda like the outcome:))

The second card is also concentrated more on details - white embroidery by Martha Stewart transfers is running through the whole card giving the card a pretty accent. The transfers are white almost invisible and appear and disappear according to the light that reflects it. It has a nice changing effect in the sun but it is hard to see it on this photo.

The green grass upside down effect is made out of - guess what? - it divides sushi and wasabi in a plastic box that I got in grocery store when having cravings for sushi. I am just pretty sad because I trough away bunch of them before I realized that I can actually use them in my projects. It looks very interesting on the paper and is pretty easy to work with.

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