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November 08, 2008

As usual, I'm slow with posting... again. I guess that's my nature, always being late and always being slow as Darren says:). But I have reason to be slow. After being in the US for couple months, to being exact, 4 long months that I loved, it is hard to adapt to the everyday life back in Slovakia. It goes very slow and it's sooo hard. But, I think I should be more dedicated to my blog just because it's so much fun and I love all the comments from my friends and family.

This time, I didn't do any cards but decide to do some decoration instead and guess what, I entered my 1st crafting competition. I attempt to win a sewing machine. Yes, Lucy wants a sewing machine! I never really used one before but why not. I could do so many cool things and effects on my cards and other craft projects. Now, when I think about it and all the projects I could do... I don't want one... I desperately NEED ONE!

But, let's get back to the competition. The Upcyclist Party contest is organized by SINGER Sewing Company & CRAFT Magazine. The theme is party decorations made from "upcycled" materials (or things that u already have in the house). Basically, reusing or recycle any material at home. The Grand Prize winner’s project will be featured in a SINGER ad in February issue of CRAFT Magazine. The Grand Prize winner will also receive one SINGER Curvy Sewing Machine with a retail value of $399. Three runners-up will receive a SINGER rolling sewing machine case and a subscription to CRAFT Magazine. I rather would get the grand price but we shouldn't be greedy. But, I don't know what would I do with an empty case... well they say it's rolling... so it might be a cool sewing machine case that's empty:).

So, this is what I created as a recycled party decoration - half garland, half centerpiece made out of the toilet rolls. I always wanted to make something out of those nice rolls that I was lining up in my bathroom. I wasn't sure why I was saving them until now. I knew there was a better future for them. It can be exposed in two ways - either, using it as a candle holder centerpiece or hang it as a garland.

In the case of the garland, I added red rattan balls in the center of each flower piece but it looks cool also without it. I also sprayed each flower with a gold spray paint to give it a Christmas feeling but I can imagine using also other funky colors for different theme parties.It is very simple and easy to make craft. I say - Save the toilet roll! Save the world! .... and maybe couple trees:))

There are more pictures and instruction here.

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