birthday, birthday, happy birthday ...

November 23, 2008

Today, we have beautiful Sunday morning, oh ... it's afternoon already. I guess, I slept too long:(. So, again ... it's beautiful sunny and... OMG we have SNOW ( I just looked out of the window) ... and lazy (at least for me) Sunday afternoon.

I though we gonna have a green winter again. And here we go, white cover everywhere and of course a lot of it!!! When the lady winter decides to sprinkle some snow around than she is very generous about it. I am not sure, if I like that but it's sure pretty. It makes me all dreamy because everything is so white and calm, and of course it's little bit sad that the warm weather is over but let's just think about all the skying and snowboarding we can do!!!

Well, at least I can use some sun and warmth on my cards. I had another birthday project this weekend. So, I decided to use one if my beautiful butterflies that were hiding in my drawer for a year at least. Well, I knew about them every time I opened the drawer. They were looking at me all pretty and ready to go but an idea never hit me. But, this time I found this great colored sisal-band and the butterfly just looks so great on it, all this orange, yellow, and brown tones feel so cozy.

For the Happy Birthday line I used rub-ons. I love this stuff but after inspecting my stash I found out that I'm gonna be short of them pretty soon. I have to ask my love of my life to bring me some from the US (It's kinda hard to get them here in Slovakia) when he comes for a visit during the Christmas.

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