saying goodbye...

October 24, 2008

Finally, it's Friday and that means one step from the weekend! Well, for most of the people it means being close to no-hassle time. For me it means finishing packing Darren's and my stuff and out we are on the way to airport to catch a plane to Vermont. Quickly saying good bye to Detroit, I will miss you town! Well, lets say I will miss some parts like the big tree in front of our house, pastry shop down our block (Tiramisu there is just amazing), the park just across the road, haunted houses, the biggest mall I ever seen ( let's say one of the big one and as usually I did not have enough time for it), Sleeping bear dunes (they were in a different town in MI but that doesn't matter)... and so much more. I guess you can find a lot of good about this place. I can't say I am a fan of Detroit but a lot of good happened while we were here. So, I guess there is not really a reason to complain:)).

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