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October 30, 2008

I made it! After long flight from Burlington, VT that was delayed by the way, making a 'short' stop (6hours) on JFK waiting for my plane, ending in Budapest after 8 hours (by the way next time I'm NOT flying from or to Buda, sorry!), waiting for my family to pick me up, than driving 2 hours back to Slovakia, stopping for food in a Hungarian restaurant, stopping to say hi to my Grandparents, and finally getting to my house after 7 hours and not able to fall a sleep till 3 am. To make it short my 'one' day of traveling was very long. It is always weird to be back after such a long time and without my favorite companion on my trips:))). I miss United States so much and you too hun, of course!!! But, I guess I am happy being home at least for a while and eat some home food. Oh, I missed Slovak food like 'halusky' and our bread and sheep cheese and 'Horalky' and cabbage soup and... . Well, the food sounds weird but it is the best tasting food in the world at least for me :). And, I can't forget my family and my dogs that I missed even more than food, surprisingly :))))

My favorite pics from the last days in Vermont & Michigan:

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