one more birthday girl.

October 08, 2008

Here we go again - another Birthday! This time it was my boss - Ann, at the family resort I worked so many summers in the row, including this last one. I really enjoyed it! But, I promised to myself that this is the last one... for now (at least for this month). The framed picture and card on the pictures below were actually made a while ago. My friend at the camp, Veronika, took a picture with her camera (because I forgot mine) and I just got those pics recently. Ann loves fabric crafting and she does terrific patchwork creations. Therefore, I decided to make her a card with a sewing detail.

I actually worked on this card during my work... it wasn't that busy (I hope my boss is not reading this):)). It was pretty fun project and I think I might use this effect again on some other project, perhaps a pillow. I think it would look fantastic on a white pillow... hmm... green circles on a snowy white fabric... I like that idea:)))
The turquoise treads I used were on sale. They were like 10 cents a piece at the patchwork store in Center Harbor, NH. I love that store, so much cool stuff on sale for nothing! I really like the final look of the card looking little bit like an embroidery and that I think fits Ann completely.
Also, Veronika and me, we found this wonderful wooden frame for Ann. And, because it felt so empty without any picture in it, I decided to add one. I was inspired by Patricia Zapata, a great graphic designer whose artwork I really admire. All her paper creations look so easy first to make but in the reality it was pretty challenging to cut all those trees and all those branches I designed... way too many branches! But, all this sweat and hard work was worth. Luv ya Ann, see you soon in Prague!!!

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