more birthdays anyone?

September 29, 2008

Yes, I did another Birthday card!!! It was little bit of a hassle as always. This is like the '10th' in this last couple months. I'm starting to be tired of birthdays....but not of making Birthday cards of course :). Seriously, I really enjoy it guys! Please, keep on having birthdays, than I;ll have a lot of projects to make. I am just complaining a little bit... just don't pay attention to my bragging.
I really enjoyed this project because I just love the fabric butterfly that I used here. I found it in a patchwork store in Center Harbor, NH. There were 8 different colors in the package and they are actually iron ons. But, I did not use it on a piece of fabric this time. I think this project came out pretty good. I really had a good time making it and I believe the birthday girl enjoyed the card as well:).

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