wrapped in pink.

April 13, 2010

This is Sophie and this card was made for her... nicely covered in pink and fluff. There was more stuff made for her but let's leave that for the next post:)
I finally had a chance to use my felt ribbon that I got from Retif in 2 colors - pink and yellow. They are really wide and open to many projects. I made a cozy out of it for the baby card. I was thinking to use it as a runner for table setting. The pink one would be perfect for a baby shower and the yellow for Easter-spring decorations.
Anyways, Back to the card projects. I used a blank green card rounded by Fiscars corner punch from Paper-Source of course. The green & white flowery paper and the pink doted paper circle is from Martha Stewart line. The duck and the sentiment ribbon is from Micheals. The plastic half pearls are from Retif. To read the content the card need to be just slide out of the felt cozy. The felt is just so perfect for a baby occasion!
The cozy is sewed together on the back as you can see and the ribbon wrapped around it and both ends are glued together. I just love baby themes!

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