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April 14, 2010

I actually made two baby cards to pick one for the new addition at my friend's family- Sophie who I mentioned last time. This is the card that didn't make it... I know... so sad:( But, don't worry. It will make happy other people for sure. Either, I'll sell it at our store or give it as a gift to somebody:) I used a paper that I got as a separate piece at a craft store in Center Sandwich, NH that doesn't exist anymore (partially a patchwork store that still runs), which is a pity because they had a lot of great stuff over there. I am not sure what company made this paper as I cut it in pieces (blush). The wide ribbon and the sentiment ribbon are from Micheals and the blank card from Paper-Source rounded by the Fiscars corner punch. I just love the felt sheep I discovered in Retif and I used the clear half pearls again. Don't you just love crafting?!?!

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