the season of change.

April 28, 2010

I know... it is too early for a fall card but I had the mood to make one. It really feels like the fall is taking over the spring here in Jamestown. It is raining all day and the wind is getting wild. So, I have a good reason to use these great plastic leaves from Retif for my card project. The leaves look just great with the wooden sunflower in pots that I got from the Retif store as well. The yellow blank card is from Recollections, the white name tag is from Martha Stewart, and the gray tag underneath is a brand tag from clothes I saved... recycling again:) I used the corner punch from Fiscars and a dollar stamp 'the season of change' from Michaels. It was definitely fun to make this card and I can't wait for the leaves changing season to come but now we really need a little bit of sun here, pretty please!

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