on Squam.

April 30, 2010

Here I am on Squam again! The ones who don't know what is Squam it's simply the best place in the whole world:) Me and D are visiting one of our friends here for a poker night. So, D is playing and I am blogging as I am bad on keeping the poker face:)

But, I think I'm better at keeping my creativity face and playing with my type of cards. Like this one for example, the dreamy one with a lot of hand cut butterflies (I think it's time to get a butterfly punch). But, have this really cute butterflies stamps from Micheals and they have the perfect shape. So, I stamped the peachy cardstock and cut them nicely out. I used a square of the paper that I got in San Francisco but I am not sure what company it is. I feels like a leather and it also has this leather structure. The 'dream' sentiment was from a collection of tree for a dollar at Micheals and the orange blank card from the same place.
I can't wait for tomorrow to hike up the Rattle Snake and get to the top to see the wonderful Squam:) See you next and have a great weekend!

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