I am back!

April 06, 2010

We made it!It was hard going away from all the beautiful things that we found on West Coast like the awesome paper store right next to our hotel... How amazing is that?!?! And, it is kinda tough to fly back when you get sick before you go on the plane... This wasn't amazing at all! I guess it was food poisoning... no more Chinese for me ever... well... maybe in 2 or 3 days:) Right now, I can count on soup, bread...and more soup and resting by editing pictures. Well, I have to admit I had a frozen yogurt with reese's pieces today... I really couldn't resist (blush). And, I couldn't resist to show you couple shots from our trip as well. Enjoy the pics from San Francisco and Yosemite Park... I have much more but I don't want to push it:)

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