wedding blues.

September 06, 2009

It is time to show you how much work I put into the wedding invitation for my friends. By the way, they are happily married and the invitations were a hit!!! I am sooo happy for them!
On the beginning there was a big piece of blank paper, well not one but 7 pieces. I was able to get 19 background cards out of it for the invitations to start. I used a model piece of a card that I prepared, bone folder, and metal ruler to measure the paper to get the right size of the white cards. ...first big stripes are cut out of the big sheets of paper with the bigger cutter and......than using the smaller much more detailed cutter to cut the stripes into the cards I was able to trim clean all the edges.Now, onto the funky squares. This was the part of the project that was the most time consuming but definitely fun. Cutting 3 thicker and 3 thinner stripes of 3 different colored paper we are on the right way to create the different color squares.From the prepared stripes we cut each stripe into smaller and bigger squares. Topping the bigger square with the smaller one and adding little bit of glue in between we created a master piece:)
Let's move on to another step and that is printing text in black on a sheer paper using a regular printer. I was able to fit the text on the A4 paper twice, and because the sheer paper is glossy and not absorbing the print that quick it was possible to emboss the text pretty easy......just spreading a little bit of transparent embossing powder on the text, turning on the heat gun and we are good to go.Now, we have all the components ready and we just need to put the puzzle together - sooo much fun!...little bit of glue on the top of the background card......and we can add the sheer paper with the text on the backing paper, tiding nicely it with the bone folder......using the cutter again, we cut the extra sheer paper using the white background card as the guide. Next on the list are the squares. Positioning the squares on the card and securing them with a bit of glue we are almost to the end of the project.The last touch is sewing over the squares and secure it on the paper giving the invitation a great detail and it is good for the security reasons as well (the glue is not always reliable).

Easy enough, don't you think!?!? :)))

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