once upon a time.

September 25, 2009

It's Friday and I am definitely in love. I am another step closer to the weekend getaway we planed. We are going to Gleenwood Springs to enjoy hot springs and Aspen, CO. I am so exited! I can't wait to jump into the hot relaxing pool and enjoy the healing water. We have a lot of hot springs in Slovakia and I always was missing it here in US. But now, my dream comes true!
So, I won't be able to post during the weekend but I got one project to show you today. I made this card for no reason. I just had fun making it. I am one of the people who even though is grown up (some of my close people would disagree) I still believe in fairy tales. I enjoyed reading Harry Potter and right now I am reading the 2nd part of the Golden Compass. I know I need to grow up:) But back to the card I made. The ' once upon a time' stamp I used remind me on believing in fairy tales and imaginative world of fairies and dragons.
The princess style of the card is supported by dollies that I used couple times in my previous projects and the gold and brown shades of colors I am using. I used the transparent dotted sheet to cover the brown base card. The corners got rounded again. I used the Fiskars to cut out the circle out of the gold paper from The Paper Company. The paper circle got stamped with a dollar stamp from Micheal's using white stamp color and embossed on the end. The brown paper stripe is actually recycled. It was used as a wrapper for custom made invitations. Couple of white and pearl buttons of different size and shape are completing the design.
Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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