paint job.

September 23, 2009

I turned to color this time, painting color. I was always admiring other artists using paint colors on their backgrounds of LO or cards. So, this time I decided to try it myself.

'Simple'... whatever...thank you, hi, hello, love....anything can be filled inside the card to the word 'Simple' on the top of the card. Multifunction cards are so smart just because when I don't have the right card with right words on it ready, I can just pick one of these and save the day:)
The first step was painting the card with the paint and cut the rectangle and handsaw a black tread around it. On this project I used bright lime green metal paint, a white dollie, and couple buttons. I used the Fiscars circle punch for the bigger circle and Martha Stewart 1-inch starburst punch to make a little yellow sun basing 'the S' of the metal word sticker from Studio 18. I added a green wavy ribbon from American Crafts as the finishing touch.
By the way, I finally added my gallery over at my Deviant page with couple of new pictures from this summer. Let me know what you think. Have a wonderful day!

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