giving thanks in recycling style.

September 09, 2009

I was playing with the embossing gun again (I am addicted but you know that), little bit of gold embossing powder, and lovely Ann Griffin butterfly stamp as well. Such cute stamps she has.
Well, this card was mainly a recycling project. The cut square is a fabric samples from Pottery Barn. I have couple in different colors and these samples are definitely a keeper, soo useful. The orange and red flowery paper is from a tag that was attached to a present I got in the past. I just cut the text part that I keep and the top was well used as you can see:). The red and orange tones of the tag are just in favor of the pinkish tone of the base card cardstock. Than, I just add a 'thank you' line on the bottom with the help of Martha Steward stamp, white stamp color, transparent emboss powder, and heat gun.

And, moving on to the next project, hopefully I will have more inspiration in recycling style.

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