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September 21, 2009

...and I love it too. I wanted to give Darren something special for our anniversary. I run into this website last year and I saved it for later, for the right time and the time came. The Moo is a company that offers design and print Business Cards, Mini Cards and more. I decide to print out couple of my picture in a form of postcards for D to send it to who ever he feels like to.

The pictures are from places we traveled to and items and memories that are precious to us. Moo is really cool about the design. You can choose different backgrounds and add your own text. You can design the back of the card looking like a real postcard. I added my photography link to the back as I want to be recognized as the author of course, hehe. Each picture has a piece of me and has great meaning to me. I believe I found the right present to celebrate our day:)

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