blooming trash.

September 30, 2009

And again, I am using some of my precious treasures that I rescued from trashy ending. Yes, I am recycling again:) This time it is a piece of plastic bag in which our newspaper gets delivered to our house every week. Yes, I did saved one of the bags and it was just because I loved the beautiful green color. Making something pretty out of the trash is definitely fun. D is making fun of me all the time about stacking different staff. But, I laugh back and do my think, hehe.

I used really a little of material for this card. The well treasured green plastic bag, lighter, brown lank card, 2 silver mini square brads from MakingMemories, and a black thin marker. I cut two long stripes out of the bag wide enough to fold them and roll them forming of a flower. I used the lighter to seal the bottom of the flower and add the metal brads into the middle of each flower. I positioned each flower on the card and draw two lines creating the stems. Using an adhesive I attached the flowers to the card. I wrote a 'Hello' line next to the stems to finish the masterpiece:)

I will be back tomorrow to show you more of my creations. Enjoy your day!

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