colorado cupcakes

September 28, 2009

They are special! They are my first cupcakes ever, out of scratch, they are baked in high altitude, and they come out surprisingly tasty. Colorado is special about baking. I didn't now that baking could be so hard here and I was wondering why my brownies (out of brownie mix) are so awful. It is usually easy, just adding couple eggs, water, and oil to the mix and you have super tasting brownies. But not here. The same was happening to my cookies, hard as a rock. We just mentioned it to one of Darren's college who lives here and he told us about the high altitude effect on baking. We didn't believe it and it was even written on the brownie mix box.
So, I decide I'll try to bake my first cupcakes in the probably most challenging area in the country. With the help of this recipe I had found through cupcakes take the cake blog and little bit of Martha's help I was able to create my chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It was even little bit more challenging without an electric mixer. We are staying in Denver only temporary and the house we are renting at the moment was fully furnished but no mixer. You can imagine how my arms and hands are tired now. I'm even having troubles with typing right now:). But, I think that all the exercise was worth of creating a 'master piece'. Well, let's wait for the D to come home to be the judge:)

Have a great week and definitely stop by next time.

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