well, hello wednesday...

January 06, 2010

Wednesdays are good. Wednesdays are special and today is even more special because it's the right time to get back and reunite with all my fellow readers. I was starring at my computer screen for a while making efforts to write where I've been, what I was doing. It took me a while to come back here and getting back on track... all that traveling back and forth destroys my concentration.  I have many projects to show, many to finish and many to start. Now, the Christmas is over and the flower stores doesn't need that much attention, I finally found a little bit of time to concentrate on something that I like so much and was missing a lot - to be here and create. At this moment, I'm finishing an ad project for our two stores and working on our wedding bouquet catalog as well. I will show you the outcome later when all is finished. We are also working to extend our flower design services and offer rentals of  artificial flower arrangements, table and chair fabrics, decorations, glass, candles and so on. Everything that is needed at an elegant wedding venue ... and I will be the first customer. Wait, what???

Yes, you read it right. Me and Mr. D, we finally set our date to have our wedding this year in September. After eight years being together all our friends were getting anxious to celebrate us being together. I have ideas, a lots of ideas for the day:) I will try to share as much as possible about the process and I'm looking forward to all your comments and recommendations.

Happy New year and wish me luck on my many projects...
I will see u tomorrow, I love you all!


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