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January 18, 2010

Monday, Monday, why is it Monday??? I miss you Sunday! I had such a great day yesterday but didn't find time to write about it. But now, I am fully concentrated and I will tell you everything. Me and my mom went together with her two friends (also in flower business) to a wedding exhibition looking for some new contacts & getting some inspiration. It was an upper-class fair at a 4 star hotel in downtown Bratislava with a small number of exhibitioners. And, while we were admiring the beautiful flower arrangements, princess dresses, & trying out delicious deserts, my mom & her friends made me to sit on a chair in a front of a french hair-stylist from Frank Provost & letting him 'mess up' my hair...
Wow, I believe it was painful for both of us, hehe. I was sitting in that chair for almost an hour while Jean-Marie Paquier (that was my hairstylist) was trying to transform my 'mess' into something more stylish. Just to let you know... my hair is a challenge. There is too much of it & Jean-Marie's first words were of course, quote:" 3 tons of hair". He told me that I need to count with at least 2 hours to fix my hair for the wedding day. Well, that's good to know:) By the way, I love my curls now! I found out that it's a good think to have curly hair, at least for this moment:) But, Mr.Paquier was excellent & I was a queen for a day... well... let's say my hair was looking royal for a while.

Here are couple pics I shot during the event of all the great stuff presented...
Very pretty tulip-rose-lysiantus arrangement
Table for two... very nice table setting... I just love it!
Beautiful bride's bouquets.
More flower decoration... I just adore those vases!
Flower artist ->Miklosko<- getting ready...... and his final creations

So, I hope you enjoyed my pictures and found a little inspiration:) Have a great rest of the week!

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