peach colored Christmas.

January 19, 2010

I enjoy unusual colors on my Christmas cards, like the color of the peach ribbon and the skeleton leaf on this one. I think it's a great color for the winter season when we might be fed up with classical green & red.
I used recycled card-stock for the base card, peach skeleton leave and the ribbon (both are from Retif of course,) white sheer paper with silver angels (I can't remember where did I get that one from), and a plastic glitter star that I had in my stack for a while (I believe that one is from Retif as well). And, I used my round punch again as you can see. It was hard to stuff the finished card into the envelope when I was sending it to my Grandma in Norway. I know at least that she got it, I forgot to ask if in one piece though:) Sometimes, I don't think in advance and than I found out that a regular envelope won't be enough. Than, there is a hectic search for the fitting packaging. I have to work on that I believe!

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