number three.

January 10, 2010

A nice cup of tee is on my table, my dog is finally snoring next to me on the couch (he got his dinner, so he is happy sleeping), and I am blogging... and here it goes! Today's blogging belongs to the green and red Christmas card with little bit of turquoise. I used the felt tree from Retif again like in the previous project and crepe paper flower as well but in gold color this time. The green blank card is from paper-source store in Boston and I got the red paper at Micheals. I also add a little shimmer with the help of green glitter ribbon from Retif. And of course I used my corner punch again:).

So, I hope u enjoyed your weekend. I still think that mine went too fast. I didn't have that much time to do everything what I planted. At least we will have a new weekend in 5 days:) I can't wait!!! Have a great rest of the evening:)

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