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January 31, 2010

I had busy weekend this time. I went to another wedding exhibition twice and it was definitely fun but also exhausting:) On the first day, I went with one of my friends and the next with my mom and 2 of her business friends. I found a very good photographer that I might reserve for my own wedding, will see how it ends:) The only part that made me mad was that when we were leaving the show later in the evening in the 1st day, I found out that my bag with all the contacts and info went missing. Somebody took it probably thinking that I have something valuable in there. Well, it was, at least for me!!! At least I had an opportunity to get all the contacts and brochures back the next day. I hate to do the same work again! I also have some photos from the show but was to lazy to put them on my computer. I will try to post them later and I hope I will find couple good ones on my camera...
I still have couple more Christmas cards to show but I promise the pile is getting smaller:) I used one of the recycled papers... again. A peachy foldover card was bought at one of the Paper-Source store in Boston. I folded a peach crepe paper this time and nested a green felt star and a gold wooden star on it. I glued each corner of the peach-orange ribbon from Retif with a heat glue gun to the card and also used the heat gun to attach the orange skeleton leaf together with the crepe paper with the stars. And voala - the card is done:) Make the best out of your week!

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