sing, sing, sing...

August 21, 2009

Ta daaaaah!!! My first creations after a month and I am loving it:) I missed playing with paper and glue so much. To begging with I decided to work on something simple. I just love the simplicity on cards. I believe that less is more. Single words can express more than a whole sentence, single object might bring more happiness than a big collection. Designing these cards I used as less material as possible. This one carriers a line stamp, simple rub-on words, and gem stones. Simple enough:)
Here is another card from my less-is-more collection:) I got this bird charms at Michael's on sale. They are flat and perfectly fitting for making cards. This design is really simple - regular sewing tread is wrapped around the paper. You can either hang the birds and glue them to the paper or just put them on the top of the treads and glue them to the card. So easy to make!
So, smile & laugh hard, sing out laud, and dance as there is no tomorrow!

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